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Cabins & Gonz Cakes is a boutique Online Cakes business catering to the Sydney market. We specialize in Cakes, Cupcakes, Wedding Cakes and cupcake towers using unique flavor combinations from the Philippines (Ube, Pandan, Mucapuno). 

Cabins & Gonz cakes was established in 2008 bringing Edwin Cabingan’s passion for baking out of the family kitchen and to the greater public. The concept was simple, to provide a quality and unique product that not only tasted amazing but looks great.

Cabins & Gonz cakes is pleased to be the first to bring Sydney the taste of unique cupcakes inspired from Filipino cuisine.

The business started by creating wedding cakes for family and friends. Starting with Edwin’s signature dark orange chocolate cake the business quickly grew to provide a wider range of cake creations.


In 2009 the business introduced a new product line in cupcakes and with assistance of his partner; Daniel Stuckey was able to bring an exciting E-retail experience to the public with deliveries across greater Sydney.

Further expansion occurred in 2010 with business offering products to cafés, school canteens and market days as well as an introduction of more than 20 different and unique cupcake flavours.

What’s the difference you ask isn’t every cupcake the same? The key in making the best cake or cupcake starts with the basics. Cabins & Gonz Cakes only use premium fresh ingredients, coupled with the very best in organic coconut milk and free range eggs.  To ensure fresh and moist products are delivered premix aren’t used in any products.


Not only does Cabins & Gonz Cakes offer unique flavours from Filipino cuisine (Such as Ube, Mucapuno, Pandan and Jackfruit) but they also offer a range of traditional flavours such as Chocolate, Vanilla and Lemon Myrtle.

Cabins & Gonz cakes ensures that the taste experience isn’t just in the topping as with most cupcakes, but the taste experience is delivered in every bite. 

To join Cabins & Gonz on their journey visit them online and try them at exclusive cafes throughout Sydney.Just ask for them by name and taste the difference.





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